7 February 2023

Parish Councillors are hereby summoned to a meeting of Neasham Parish Council on Tuesday 7 February 2023, 6:30PM, in Neasham Reading Room to transact the business listed in the agenda below.

Members of the public are entitled to attend Parish Council Meetings as a non-participating attendee (unless confidential matters are under discussion) but may speak only at the invitation of the Chair. Those wishing to speak on any matter during the meeting must give written notice giving brief details to the Clerk or Chair at least two days prior to the meeting.


  1. Chair’s welcome and apologies for absence.
  2. Declarations of interest in items on the agenda.
  3. Approval of the minutes of the ordinary meeting held on 6 December 2022, as previously circulated.
  4. Matters arising from the previous meeting.
  5. PACT Meeting.
  6. Roads and footpaths.
    • Swarco have provided a quotation to repair the defective VAS unit of £188 excluding VAT and parts.
    • The Chair has received a request from a parishioner on Teesway about heavy lorries crossing a bump in the road which is causing damage to his house.
  7. Environment Agency Matters.
    Report on meeting between the Vice Chair and the Environment Agency on 12/12/22 to discuss various works they were proposing and the defects raised by Neasham PC.
  8. Village Green.
    • A quotation for extending the paved area of the Square in the sum of £1200 had been received from Brindle Construction. This had been requested for budgetary purposes for an April 2023 commencement. Approval will be required by the members that this single tender represents value for money, prior to the issue of any formal order. Brindle construction had been informed of this.
    • Update on proposal for replacement of 2No notice boards needed as end of financial year is only two months away. Costs to be added to leaflet boxes and set against C Chou grant.
    • Proposed work to upgrade the Millennium Garden in the current and next financial years.
    • Works in Memorial Garden area for completion this financial year.
    • As requested by Darlington BC highways, the Clerk has directed our query regarding the hornbeam tree overgrowing a lamp standard to their Senior Arboriculturist, response awaited.
  9. Planning.
    • Applications received since last meeting:-
    • Decisions received since last meeting: -
    • 20/00327/FUL (Holiday Units at Sockburn Hall) Not received (Darlington BC claim sent) and was only seen by the Vice Chair on the Planning Portal. Because timescale, members asked to forward their observations on the revision, confirmation needed of the agreement not to comment further. Darlington BC suggested use emails in view of problems with the post, previously not available.
    • An email had been received requesting comments on the updated version of the Skerningham Village of the Design Code by 13 January, which was prior to the next PC meeting and therefore circulated to the members. As no issues were raised, Neasham PC submitted no further response.
    • The appeal against the enforcement on the traveller site on the north east side of Neasham Road, Hurworth Moor has been re-scheduled to 21/02/23 at 10.00am in the Town Hall, Feethams.
    • The Vice Chair has suggested that it may be appropriate when considering applications, for councillors to be asked if and to what extent they wish to be involved in future decisions related to that application. There is a facility to monitor the course of an application and for requesting it be tracked, but as this process can be demanding it is not practical to request it generally.
  10. Risk Management.
    • One scheduled inspection due in January - Christmas tree lights (post use).
    • 3No defects referred to the Environment Agency remained open. Defect No 22/005 - Darlington BC had cut back the hedge at the Dibdale Road junction but the defect remains open.
  11. Finance.
    • Previously approved payments made in December/January: - Fox and Hounds £200 (Carol service), Clerk £572.24 (Salary backdated), HMRC £143.20 (PAYE). Payments made under the Chair’s discretion: - Wel Medical £71.94 (Defibrillator pads).
    • The Vice Chair proposes an earlier approach to insurers to ensure that we have an acceptable offer to consider at the July meeting. The Vice Chair also proposes a review of the documentation and the provision of an updated inventory for insurers to assess the risk.
  12. Updating of Policies and Procedures Documents.
    • The Asset and Planning registers have now been posted on the website.
    • Update on Risk assessment of risk to Neasham from possible cyber attack.
  13. Climate Change Issues.
    A brief report by the Vice Chair on the current position in respect of Neasham PC.
  14. Reaching Out and Communications.
    Update on progress including annual report. Enquiries had been made re the status of Darlington APC.
  15. Ward Councillor Matters.
    Update on Tees Flexibus service.
  16. Correspondence (all as circulated in December/January).
    • Various emails from NALC regarding Newsletter (13/12, 14/12, 25/01). Chief Executive’s bulletins (05/12, 16/01, 20/01). Various events (15/12, Local Government Financial Settlement 2023/4 (19/12). For information only, unless any matters raised by members.
    • Email received from Cleveland Local Councils Association advertising their meeting on 21 February at 7.00pm at Marske football club, if anyone volunteers to represent Neasham PC at the meeting.
  17. Consideration of Forthcoming Events
    • Implications to Neasham PC in respect of elections scheduled for May.
    • Calendar implications to Neasham PC meetings in April/May due to Easter, May and Coronation bank holidays. In particular annual meeting and parish assembly.
    • Request by Paul Howell to visit the parish.
  18. Other village matters.
    • The replacement pads to the defibrillator have been delivered and installed on 31/01/23. The expiry date on the standby unit is 30 April 2023 and replacement will be needed before that date.
    • In view the passing of parish stalwart John Alderson, consideration of a memorial in his memory.
  19. Date of next ordinary parish meeting is Tuesday 7 March 2023.

John Walker

Clerk to Neasham Parish Council