03 November 2021
"Poppy Field" artwork Auction
29 October 2021
Neasham Parish Council - Vacancy for Councillor

A vacancy has arisen on the Parish Council for a Councillor following the resignation of one member. Please contact any Councillor if you are interested in becoming a Councillor yourself. Requests for an election are to be submitted Election Services at Darlington no later than midnight 19th November 2021.

26 October 2021
Poppy Appeal 2021
10 September 2021
Tees Valley Combined Authority Local Bus Service Survey

Neasham Parish Council publish the TVCA request for participants in a local bus service survey.

18 May 2021
Successful year despite Covid!

The Chair's Annual Report on a successful year for Neasham Parish Council

10 May 2021
Annual Return for 2020-21

The Parish Council Annual Return (AGAR) for 2020-21 is now available on the website.

06 June 2020
Annual Return for 2019-20

The Parish Council Annual Return (AGAR) for 2019-20 is now available on the website

19 April 2021
Welcome to our new Website!
06 February 2020
On-Demand Bus Service

Tees Flex on-demand bus service is coming to the Neasham area