1 March 2022

Parish Councillors are hereby summoned to a meeting of Neasham Parish Council on Tuesday 1 March 2022, 6:30PM, in Neasham Reading Room to transact the business listed in the agenda below.

Members of the public are entitled to attend Parish Council Meetings as a non-participating attendee (unless confidential matters are under discussion) but may speak only at the invitation of the Chair. Those wishing to speak on any matter during the meeting must give written notice giving brief details to the Clerk or Chair at least two days prior to the meeting.


Please note that masks are encouraged to be worn by all attendees at the meeting and hand sanitizer is also available for use when entering or leaving the meeting.

  1. Chair’s welcome and apologies for absence.
  2. Declarations of interest in items on the agenda.
  3. Approval of Minutes as previously circulated.
    Approval of the minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 1 February 2022.
  4. Matters arising from previous meeting.
    B Crossen to sign the Acceptance of Office and present the Register of Members Interest document.
  5. PACT Meeting.
    A PACT meeting had been held on 16 February 2022, unfortunately the Chair had to send his apologies as it was such short notice and he had a prior commitment.
  6. Roads and footpaths.
    Report on the Issue of the public right of way across the New Lane development outlining the current position. Subject to acceptance of the position by the members to formally agree a proposal that Neasham PC should take no further steps to implement the resolutions agreed at the meeting on 5th October 2021.
  7. Environment Agency Matters.
    • The fallen conifer tree which was blocking the Teesdale Way and all logs removed. Remedial works to the damaged fence by the Agency still outstanding.
    • In response to a query raised by G Crute, the Agency have confirmed that they had installed the length of safety fence to Kent Beck and that they would maintain it.
    • G Crute has reminded the Agency that he is still awaiting a response from them in respect of the trees growing in the floodbank on both sides of Kent Beck.
  8. Village Green.
    • Wild seed areas to each end of the green were discussed in general terms at the previous meeting and a resolution is required to agree the principles in order to progress the works.
    • Trees made available by Darlington BC to parish councils for planting in agreed areas of the parish. Proposed site inspection still awaited. Urgent decision required in order to consider alternatives.
    • Shrubbery. Following approval of the approach to procuring the works at the February meeting, G Crute has prepared  a document detailing the works including budgets and risk assessments which has been circulated.  The document also includes a proposal for a suspension of the financial regulations in respect these work on the grounds stated, subject to budgetry controls and all elements offering value for money. This resolution is tabled for the 1 March meeting in order to enable a start on site early in the next financial year.
    • The defibrillator had been reported as offline on 17/02/22 and has now been re-instated, but there appears to be some sot of breakdown in communications between the Circuit and NEAS. Many thanks to Liz for turning out in the storm to check the unit.
    • An application by a member of the National Council for Metal Detecting for a permit to use his equipment on the village green was declined.
  9. Planning.
    Applications received since last meeting:- 
    • 21/01397/FUL – 40 Teesway, Neasham – Demolition of bungalow and erection of two dwellings.
    • Decisions received since last meeting:-
    • G Crute reported that the Inspector’s final report on the Darlington Local Plan had been received and would been considered by Council on 17th February, with a possible adoption in April.
  10. Risk Management.
    • No scheduled Inspections due in February and no defects raised.
    • P Dunn has prepared a simplified Inspection sheet for the planters which was agreed in principle at the last meeting and has been circulated.
    • The Annual All-Risks Checklist has been updated and previously circulated and is now tabled for approval. The schedule is required to be completed for presentation to the April meeting.
  11. Finance.
    • The balance in the current account stood at £6636.02 as at 17 JFebruary 2022 with no cheques outstanding.
    • To confirm order having been placed with Harrison Flagpoles for a replacement Union Jack in the sum of £68.40. Replacement flag more durable than the initial one.
    • Previously approved anticipated payments in March:- Clerk £439.84 (Salary), HMRC £110 (PAYE), Information Commissioners Office £35 (Regstration fee).
    • Finance Report 4Q projected to 31 March 2022 as circulated.
    • Reading Rooms have agreed to a request by Neasham PC for a donation of £300 donation towards the cost of the lecturn and Roll of Honour at the proposed shrubbery.
    • No communication received from the auditor regarding the AGAR, but it is anitipated that Neasham PC will remain in the Smaller Authority classification.
  12. Updating of Policies and Procedures Documents.
    • Revised Code of Conduct prepared by Darlington BC had been adopted by them fron 1 January 2022. Following an exchange of emails with Luke Swinhoe resulting in no objections to Neasham PC proposals, G Crute has producied three separate documents in an amended format to suit our website. Copies of the Code of Conduct, Guidance Notes on General Conduct and Guidance Notes of Registering Interest have been previously  circulated and are tabled for approval with adoption at an agreed subsequent date.
    • The review of the GDPR documentation by G Crute is ongoing. Privacy Notices in respect of  Personnel, Volunteers and General together with an updated Consent Form have been circulated and are tabled for approval. Other GDPR documents will be circulated when available
    • The review of the the Asset Register documentation by G Crute is ongoing and will report progress. A copy of the Asset Register Documentation Policy has  has been previously  circulated and is tabled for approval.
  13. Climate Change Issues
    The issue of Climate change had been discussed at previous meetings and broad agreement for an initial presentation at the Parish Assembly. It was also agreed in principle to produce an enhanced publication to publicise these activities. Further agreement on progressing both issues required.
  14. Ward Councillor Matters.
  15. Correspondence (all as circulated in February).
    • Various emails from NALC regarding Newsletter (02/02, 16/02), Chief Executive’s bulletins (07/02, 14/02), Online Events (10/02, 15/02). For information only, unless any matters raised.
    • Email from the Durham Police and Crime Commissioner (14/02) with a link to Police and Crime Plan.
    • Email from North Yorkshire CC (17/02) confirming it’s adoption of the Minerals and Waste Joint Plan.
  16. Other village matters.
    • The Reading Rooms have agreed to the 17th May for the Parish Assembly meeting.
    • The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations. Review of the Neasham PC position on inviting parents to organise their own event and whether the Reading Rooms had advanced any plans.
    • Darlington Association of Parish Councils’ meeting was held on 3 February 2022, copy of draft Minutes circulated.
  17. Date of next meeting as Tuesday 5 April 2022

John Walker

Clerk to Neasham Parish Council