"Poppy Field" artwork Auction

To recognise the centenary of the Poppy Appeal, we are auctioning a beautiful piece of hand-made glass entitled “Poppy Field” made and donated by local glassmaker Tina Murray.

Image of the Poppy Field artwork

How to Bid

Get an entry form from the “Poppy-Mobile” when it's selling Poppies on the Square on the Village Green. Or, download and print the form attached.

Then complete and sign the form and place it in an envelope. Seal the envelope then write your bid on the outside of that envelope,  and date it. Place the sealed envelope in a larger envelope, seal it, and deliver it either  back to the Poppy-Mobile or to 14 Teesway, Neasham, DL2 1QP. (Those collecting entry forms from the Poppy-Mobile will be supplied with envelopes).